Car rentals- 9 handy tips


Hey road trippers! Renting a car could be overwhelming, and confusing, for many of us. As we have so many choices, with different prices! Let me ease you. Here are 9 different tips that would obviously help you to rent a car.

1. Unlimited miles
Make sure you have unlimited miles on your car rentals. Some companies may charge you extra for moving out of state, or crossing the mile limits. Make sure that you are staying on the safer side, and get assured that you are not hit by the extras.

Halloween Parties & Events in Denver 2015

Halloween Parties & Events in Denver

It’s always good to have a blood-pumping Halloween scare, isn’t it? There are so many great Halloween parties and events held in the city every year that it’s getting harder to decide which to attend. But hey, who would want to miss out on all the fun? I know you don’t. So, here’s a list of Denver’s Halloween events for you to have an awesome time.

40 Halloween parties for you to enjoy!

10 Reasons for Renting a Car


rent a car1Renting a car is for the wealthy business people who travel a lot. Well, this misconception is almost over now. The days are long gone, when renting a car was thought to be expensive. Nowadays, renting a car is common thing to do, and is relatively cheaper. People who own their own vehicle also prefer to rent a car time to time. Car rental companies are growing in number, and their services are getting a lot cheaper.